32 interesting facts from the world of business

461. The first toothpaste Colgate sold in bottles.

2. Steve jobs: “I will call Apple, 5 a.m. if you do not offer the best”.

3. The Creator of the NIKE symbol was paid only$ 35 per design.

4. The most productive day of the working week – Tuesday.

5. ‘Prostitute’ – the soft drink brand produced and sold by the Coca-Cola company, Inc.

6. 20 % tuxedos rent in may.

7. 90 % of all restaurants suffer losses during its first year of operation.

8. Cow – Japanese brand of shaving cream.

9. Duracell, the battery manufacturer, has built part of its new international office, using the waste materials of their own production.

10. In 2004 the Japanese Association of ice Cream promoted “raw ice cream” with meat in hopes that this will increase the popularity of ice cream!

11. Microsoft has made 16 005$ income for the first year of operation.

12. Oil tycoon, John D. Rockefeller was the first billionaire in the world.

13. The first product that Sony has released, there was a stove.

14. In restaurants in Japan do not give a tip.

15. The Walt Disney company produces an estimated 120,000 pounds of garbage every day.

16. Yahoo! was originally named ‘Guide Jerry through the world wide web’.

17. M&M stands for Mars &Murrie, who were the makers of these sweets.

18. One square meter “glamorous” flooring from iron wood can cost up to 1500 dollars.

19. The average age of women going to the surgery for breast augmentation – 34 years.

20. The first advertisement was printed in England in 1477. It was the prayer book advertising.

21. At the first Apple logo was Isaac Newton.

22. Children’s products are always low. If you don’t want tantrums, always place children in the truck.

23. In one of the firms in France arrange daily courses of sexual intercourse from 11:30 to 11:40.

24. Macintosh – name sold in the U.S. Apple varieties, the favorite fruit of Steve jobs.

25. In most advertisements the time displayed on the clock, usually 10:10.

26. American Airlines saved $ 40,000 by removing one olive from the salads served to first class passengers.

27. 80% of toys made in China.

28. The most often played song in the world – happy birthday to you – is protected by copyright.

29. From one cubic meter of tree can make a million toothpicks.

30. The average ATM is mistaken for the year at $ 250 – and not in their favor.

31. Tide takes approximately 70 percent of the detergent market.

32. Chinese proverb says: “He who cannot smile should not trade in”.

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