331. Step one: recruitment and training supervisor

Priority No. 4 program Academy opening the workbook MANH reads: “Assign someone from your staff trainer in the company. Make sure that he went through proper training and to carry out its functions.”

In our opinion, it is very important that the candidate of the coaches was an employee who worked in the company for a long time, and has proven the productivity. He also needs to be high enough on the tone scale should be able to communicate well with people, and should be willing to teach others.

In the event that you need to teach the coach for a computer class, it is necessary that the candidate should have adequate knowledge of computers and well versed in software company. For example, education experts for class software major supermarket chains are selected from the best operators of commodity accounting Department shops.

The sequence of training of trainer for the Academy can be like this:

– conduct a survey, and find a suitable employee who wants to teach others;

– spend with him, and “sell” the idea of opening the Academy and its training;

– Find out in the Office WISE, where you can teach, coach, and send it back to training.

And another tip. Before you direct the future of coach training, sign a contract with him stating that the company assumes payment of training of the employee, and the employee, in turn, undertakes to work for the company for 3 (5) years, providing training to the staff of the company. If the employee decides to leave the company before the expiry of that period, he shall return to the company the amount spent on his training.

If the legal framework does not allow to conclude such a contract employee, will conclude with the ethical agreement, which will not have legal force, but, nevertheless, enhance the value of training in the eyes of the employee, increase the level of responsibility.

So, you direct a productive, ethical, communicative, willing to teach others, and signatories (ethical agreement) employee training Institute in Hubbard management, where he must pass the following courses:

1. Course Guide the basics of learning”,

2. The course “Improving business through communication”,

3. The course “UPS and downs”,

4. The course “the Dignity and integrity of the person”,

5. The course “the Key to effective learning”,

6. The course “Basic course trainer”.

Until he learns, you prepare training materials and perform all work tasks 1 through 6 listed in the program of building of the Academy workbook MANH.

2. Step two: create an introductory course

Before the implementation of the priority tasks of the programme of building the Academy MANG, you must decide what you will teach your employees.

Here the important principle that must be adhered to when training and sleplivaniju staff: “please CLARIFY, WHAT IS the PRODUCT IN THIS POST. ASIAPRIVATE ON THIS BASIS”. This means that the training should be focused on the product, should improve the ability of the employee to receive this product. Learning for the sake of learning, for vague goals of “development” employee is nonsense. If the employee does not clarify how the knowledge he will be able to make your product better, more efficient and higher quality education will not have sense. If the employee is unknown to the learning goal, it is not clear how the training will affect his ability to achieve results in the work, most likely it will be openly (or covertly) to protest against such teaching. And the officer would take this training is a waste of time, it will be explicitly or covertly, to protest against the training.

Our experience shows that the construction of the Academy’s best to start with creating a basic introductory course for new staff members. Train new employees much easier, as they only joined the company, and easily agree that for quick entry in the course of the case, they need training. New employee clear learning objective, and he will learn with pleasure until, until will see the applicability of the acquired knowledge in future work.

Organizing the training in the Academy “newbies” over time, you will be able to make it more real and for the “Oldies”.

If you don’t have a good specialist who is familiar with the study Technology that could develop an introductory course for new employees, writing it in plain language, – develop the first course for yourself. Maybe a specialist you will have. Well, it will be much easier to proceed with the development of training materials with a sample of the first course.

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