economic crisis

30The business world is tively.

The American economy is considerably enlivened: consumer spending, which is considered the main source of the movement of economic indicators in the U.S. rose in the first quarter by 3% in the private sector in April appeared 220 thousand new jobs, although the forecast was supposed to be 10% less.

The unemployment rate is thus decreased to 6.6%.

Worth Twitter to announce the decrease of growth rates of 30% in the 1st quarter of last year to 25% in 2014, as the company’s shares fell by 9%.

The price of eBay shares fell 5% after the company made the forecast revenues in the 1st quarter may be reduced.

What is happening in Europe?

Net profit of Deutsche Bank in the first quarter fell to $1.5 billion, but, nevertheless, surpassed analysts ‘ expectations.

British prosecutors brought criminal charges against three former Barclays employees (two of whom are American), accused of manipulating the LIBOR rates. And the company’s shares declined slightly.

The European banking authority revealed details of the upcoming stress tests of Eurozone banks. But these details are carefully hidden.

Bank of Beijing (China) plans to hold an IPO at $4.2 billion, which would be the largest in four years for the Hong Kong exchange.

‘s largest Bank, Spain’s Santander plans to acquire the remaining 25% of its Brazilian unit. The value of the transaction, expected to amount to 4.7 billion euros.

Because of an error in the reporting of Bank of America was forced to temporarily abandon plans to repurchase shares and increase dividends. Obvious mistake – and shares in the Bank in one day fell by 6.3%.

A survey of Global RiskMonitor showed in 2014-2015 institutional investors plan to sell government bonds of developed countries due to the risk of rising interest rates.

The volume is not reported.

The consortium Sunlot rescuing bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, has enlisted the support of reputable lenders from the USA, Canada and Europe.

Investors in 2014 began to return to the commodity markets contributed to growth volatility, high profitability of investment and reduced correlation with other asset classes.

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