How to create a business? Where to start?

48The project “Community entrepreneurs “MATRIX BUSINESS” created exclusively for like-minded people and includes a range of people who decided to follow the way of business. Readers of our newsletters, over 5000 people, and members of the community more than twenty people. Every month the number of adherents is growing, join us business people from all over the world, most of all, of course, from Russia.

Among the members of a community of entrepreneurs “MATRIX BUSINESS people engaged in small and medium business, as well as top managers of companies and all those who hurt themselves the question “How to create a business?”

We share with each other experiences and cognitive information which relates solely to the business. We are not affected by other extraneous topics and love to talk only about business, about how to create a company from scratch, without the initial capital, or almost without him.

We divide the world into two categories:

The first is the world of business, which we call the “MATRIX of BUSINESS.”

The second is a world of jobs and salaries, which we call the “MATRIX.”

Someone more comfortable and happier in the world of work, and someone hates dependence, the orders of his superiors and eventually pursue freedom and chooses the world of business, “the MATRIX BUSINESS.”

Before you start reading our lectures, you need to make a choice (as shown in the upper right corner of the page):

ever to renounce permanent jobs, in favor of creating their own business ( “red pill” )

to abandon freedom in favor of security, that is, to refuse to build the business and continue to work in an alien ( “green pill” ).

In other words, you must make a choice – to enter the “MATRIX BUSINESS” in the business world or stay in “the MATRIX”, in the world of wages and employment. If You don’t like to take risks, do not want to do their own business and don’t share our point of view, then You should leave this site.

No matter if You have a business or not. The main thing that we all value freedom and are interested in their business.

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