How to find your place in the business world

45If your city has a chain of one entrepreneur, and she has successfully developed, then the answer to the question in the subject positive. Maintaining a successful business is possible, but need to find their place, their niche, to hold her and never let. For business to be a monopoly in a dream, but it rarely comes true, there will always be competitors who will try to push you into the background.

Therefore, if you have some money and want to open a shop, at first small, then take your time and analyze. First check or in your city to order goods from China via Vladivostok or Kazakhstan. Then walk around your neighborhood, if the store is near your home, assess the situation, maybe survey the passers-by, what is missing, what stores or pharmacies. Because if your a small street already has two grocery stores and no queues, it is unlikely that it will make sense to open a third store. But in addition to specializing store or salon, the important factor is the place where it is located, do a lot of people see it daily, and how far it will be seen the sign.

There are shops, the existence of which do not realize for years that they are hidden somewhere in the courtyards, covered with trees and bushes, and stumbling across them by accident. Can we talk about successful trading in such institutions?

Now in any city a lot of mobile showrooms that sell both cheap and expensive phones. The new phone is warranted, and mostly they work out on their warranty, but then break down. Cheap phone will most likely be kicked, but that’s an expensive smartphone with a huge display, throw a pity. Therefore, the interior, where they will do repairs Nokia Lumia 920 or the IPhone, the latest models, may become popular among today’s youth. Sales of such phones are growing, the market is saturated with Chinese copies, which is also not in a hurry to throw out. And it is possible that such interior repair and Commission trade mobile devices and that may be your niche.

In any business the main thing is advertising, so your salon needs to know all the young people in your area. What can you do in a newspaper ad can give you, they don’t read them. Find the places where young people hanging out, both day and night and try to place their ads there, only do it legal way of course. Modern guys have money, but still not ready when the first failure to change your expensive smartphone, so your customers, with some effort, you will definitely find.

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