made by Samsung

55The basis of the Apple Watch will form the filling is made by Samsung

The two most serious competitor in the mobile market continue to cooperate actively, corny as it is profitable for them. Apple is able to do huge orders for electronic components, and the Samsung has a production base, in order to efficiently meet the demands of the American company. In this case, talking about the Apple Watch and the filling for smart watches, the tender for which was won by the Korean electronics giant.

Samsung will produce a single-chip system for the Apple Watch, which actually includes all the electronic components of the device, namely, processor, sensors and controllers. Thanks to this approach, when one chip is all the electronics, Apple managed to achieve good results in terms of weight and size characteristics of smart watches.

It should also be noted that most of the processors for the iPhone and iPad this year too, Samsung will produce what became known in November of last year. Enthusiasm TSMC. which makes processors for Apple at the moment, only took a year. Production capacity Koreans were stronger and offered American company more favorable terms.

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