The strategies of earning on pyramid schemes

37As you know, most “high-yield investment programs” on the Internet is a banal fraud. But do not assume that these are all 100% of them. There are some projects that really provide the user with the opportunity to earn. Really, really working, that is, organizations that are actually making the money work and extracts from their turnover profits, which they subsequently honestly share with their investors, are of them units. It is much more common regular pyramids, but the pyramids you can manage to snatch a large sum, if the time to come and time to go. Adhering to certain rules, your risks can quite successfully be minimized, the main thing – do not give in to passion. Although the definition of “successfully” here is not entirely appropriate, strategies such funds have nothing to do with the game at the casino and more like trading on Forex.

Consider the main ways of development of events, the sets of rules that should be followed, if we decide to engage in such earnings. Tactics for beginners. The main principle of diversification of deposits. Because it is based on continuous monitoring, of course, requires some expenditure of time and effort, but allows to reduce possible losses. But in order. The monitoring is not manual, it would be a hell of a job, here we will help services, its carrying out (there are). With the help of these services selected ten projects opened not more than a week ago and offering an automated system of calculation. Between these projects in equal installments allocated a certain amount of money, but the money at the moment can be considered free. Look at the interest rate – it should be in the range from 2 to 5 per day. The higher the riskier, but the main thing is to start investing early, if the site creates a sense of the pyramid, not just “threw”, it still will not be closed until the return expended on creating funds. Next, monitor the ratings of the selected sites and profit from them. Of course, it is likely that not all of them will last long enough, it is important to remain calm when one project is closed, to evaluate other again and wait until the losses from closed repulse percent, only then are you searching for replacement parts. Having accumulated due to interest reserve to cover losses with the dying of the projects we’ll be out on net profit. A minus of such approach – the continuous monitoring, plus minimize the risk.

Another option for diversification of investments – portfolio tactics. Here we select the sites whose activity lies in different areas. Don’t scroll all the funds your funds in Forex, someone who works in real estate markets, someone on the stock markets, someone in bookmakers, there are those who are professionally engaged in gambling. The point is that the collapse of one market to the other, as a rule, continue to operate and profit will cover the loss from a lost portfolio. This strategy involves the selection of the most reliable programs, and because reliability increases with lower interest rates – to obtain normal income you will need and a sound investment. This is a disadvantage, but the long-term perspective, which allows to reduce the risks of losses – plus.

If you wish to experience all of these tactics can make parts of one big long-playing strategy. But, of course, only if you have enough free time and provided that the costs of this time justify themselves – the game is not worth it if your income from all systems involved projects is, for example, $100 a month. Earn much more substantial amount, it is possible, the main thing again is to remember that 100% reliable projects in the field of HYIP simply does not exist, so this income will not allow you to relax much.

The truth about buying on credit

Every year on the eve of new year holidays there has been a sharp increase in consumer lending. The stores and retailers announce sales, promotions and discounts comes the universal and the shopping obsession. The Russians take the money, where possible, take loans under completely unimaginable interest and begin to storm trading rooms.

This madness is heated commercials and banners, burn media and provoked universal excitement. And few people are listening to advice from financial experts about the pointlessness of such discounts in the presence of draconian lending conditions. However, once again appealing to common sense and reason Russians, analyze credit conditions in the purchase of household appliances in the most famous shopping networks.

POS-credit and credit dependence

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