10 interesting facts from the world of business

51Today we decided to present to your attention a selection of the 10 most interesting facts from the world of business.

1. According to statistics on average ATMs around the world mistaken for 250$ in a year, how would they do it not in their favor.

2. The famous chain of fast food restaurants “McDonalds” daily serving nearly 46 million people. Basic income the company receives from the sale of their drinks.

3. In the list of the most popular products in the world of coffee takes place three times, immediately after the petrol.

4. In baby stores are the most interesting, informative and expensive toys are placed on lower shelves so kids could easily reach out to them…Good idea, isn’t it?

5. Today on Amazon you order products from around the world. This company sells more than 158 items per second.

6. Not many people know that Volkswagen owns Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche and Audi.

7. An interesting fact about Fast Food restaurants: fast food always plays fast music. This is done specifically so that visitors quickly swallowed his food and freed space in the room for the next customer.

8. American Airlines, removing just one olive from the salad served in first class, saved about 40 thousand dollars.

9. Mark Zuckerberg – founder of Facebook, has long colorblind. He can not distinguish shades of red and green. This was the reason that the main color of Facebook is blue. Mark is well-versed in all tones of blue.

10. The most traded commodity in the world is a Rubik’s cube, the second place of honor is the iPhone.

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