Books about the pitfalls in the business world

52We often want to change their lives, but sometimes we lack something and we can’t even understand what it is. But in this age of accessible information does not necessarily «reinvent the wheel» himself — you can use the experience of people who have already walked this path and achieved success. We offer you a selection of seven useful books for self-development.

1. Tina Seelig, «Make yourself»

This book will be useful primarily to those who want to create their business, maintain and develop: «Make yourself» provides not only practical advice, but also helps to learn to think in the right way — as I think true entrepreneurs.

The book teaches not to accept difficulties, such as lack of start-up capital, as an insurmountable obstacle, but to consider them as a stimulus for self-improvement, as milestones on the way to «» how you want to be — a successful, confident person who sees the opportunities provided by the world around him, and can apply them at their discretion. No ideas? The book will help to find her. Feeble hands? The book tells you where to take the energy and enthusiasm needed to start a career businessman, and how to use their imagination to the maximum.

It is noteworthy that the author, Tina Seelig — a practicing entrepreneur, she also teaches a course on entrepreneurship and innovation at Stanford University: her horse — an unusual approach to business in General, and thinking in particular. By the way, many of her students of course did not listen, because she knew and how to do, and left University to start a business — now they have become successful entrepreneurs.

2. Kelly Mcgonigal, «will Power»

Kelly Mcgonigal in her book helps to develop and strengthen will power, her technique is suitable for every person. The reader is offered a ten-week course, during which he, performing practical tasks and following in the book recommendations, will be able to better understand their capabilities — in other words, to realize that they can do whatever it wants to do: get rid of bad habits, to create your own business, to do sports or to find a job that will become a favorite. Strictly follow all recommendations optional: you can find and apply to your life the method that is appropriate for you.

In addition, the book can teach you to control yourself when it is especially difficult, and to manage their emotions and desires when needed. The technique has already helped to gain success to many people, and training courses Kelly Mcgonigal, which served as the basis for the book, won numerous prizes and awards.

3. Forest Hewitt, Jack Canfield, mark Victor Hansen «Whole life»

25255B2%25255D.jpg?imgmax=800″ /% Often the main difficulty in achieving their goals is the inability to prioritize — to define a goal and plan the steps for its implementation. In addition, the book will help you understand which of your goals are really important and can help you in the future, and which I should avoid, anything useful because they in themselves do not carry.

Another stumbling block is that, setting a goal, people may not always find the time to implement it or, on the contrary, with the head immersed in work, forgetting about rest and personal life. The book contains methods that help to find time for all and equally enjoy all aspects of life.

4. M. J. Ryan, «this year I…»

«this year I…» — another book about how to improve your efficiency. If you fear change in your life, in this book you will find helpful tips on how to overcome your fear and learn to enjoy the change.

Thanks outlined in the book the advice coupled with practical techniques and illustrations from the lives of people who turned out to make their lives exactly as they want, anyone can understand their own unique strengths, learn to use them for their benefit and to make your life in all senses richer and more interesting, to implement plans and dreams come true.

5. Neil Fiore, «Easy way to stop putting things for later»

The book contains primarily tips on how to deal with procrastination — the constant postponing for later unpleasant thoughts and deeds that do not want to do, despite the obvious need. Many people in the modern world really inclined to do so, and in the end, exerting tremendous efforts, doing everything in one day. The result is often not satisfaction, but rather the stress and utter unwillingness to move on.

Practicing psychologist Neil Fiore believes that procrastination — just one symptom of the profound manifestations of the subconscious: he believes that the impact should not on the existence of, and reasons — loss of motivation for a particular activity and tendency to perfectionism. Fiore has been practicing his technique for over 30 years, and his book is published in all languages of the world, since 1989.

The book provides practical advice on how to set yourself on the right footing, to change the mood «I should» «I wanna» and to stop being afraid of failure — it will be useful to people from any professional field.

6. Josh Kaufman, «myself MBA»

Many prominent entrepreneurs have no degree in MBA that does not prevent them to be successful people and create a business. The fact that the essence of a successful businessman is not in the diploma, and in his personal qualities: as a rule, such people are not afraid to take risks and to learn something new, because I believe in myself. They understand the aspirations and needs of others, understand how business works, and just do what is most beneficial in the circumstances.

Josh Kaufman — an outstanding Manager who has no MBA. Instead of go to University, he chose training «practice» — began to work in the company «Procter&Gamble» and quickly achieved success. Accordingly, he wondered, why need a degree if you can learn and so without unnecessary information.

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