startups in Europe and Israel will meet in Budapest

44The world of business and startups in Europe and Israel will meet in Budapest

Despite the rapid development of technologies that are being successfully implemented in the world of business and entrepreneurship, nothing beats a personal meeting between the investor and a young entrepreneur, innovator and its potential partners. The idea of creating a meeting point for European and Israeli experts in the field of business, startups and social entrepreneurship and joined the team Leadel organization to run the project FLY Budapest 2015.

The project is a kind of focal point for leaders in technology, Jewish innovators, entrepreneurs, experts, investors and representatives of senior positions around the world.

For everyone who ever thought about owning your own business or social project, it is not a secret that to accomplish the idea difficult. Does anyone have brilliant ideas, but not enough funding. The other gathered the capital to start, but looking for experts who will suggest how to channel it, and third you need the right connections in business circles.

FLY Budapest 2015 is not just another conference-lecture. This is a real opportunity to meet investors who are looking for new projects, as well as meet with professionals in various industries who seek to exchange experience and knowledge with such enthusiastic.

In addition to useful personal meetings, participants have the opportunity to present their projects on StartUp Boulevard, and of course, to spend two unforgettable days in Budapest, and Forum readers Daily who register before January 17th, we will provide special conditions. To obtain special rates for participation in the conference, please email pr@ See you in Budapest!

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