unusual creative competitions

34Society | Students presented 100 works for the competition “the World of business through the eyes of children”

Many of the participants of the contest “the business World through children’s eyes” I can hardly imagine that such loans, taxes and how banks work. But the guys were able to portray their vision of how should look the development of small and medium businesses.

Presented more than 100 papers, and 35 the best of them reached the final unusual creative competitions.

The adults were amazed at some of the works. Not so much artistic component, but a pure children’s view on entrepreneurship. It’s not the word off the lips of the President, governors, members of the government. And only young talents see him so serene.

“We plan to use these works and further, to show how interesting to do business,” said the Minister of investment development and entrepreneurship of the Penza region Alexey Kostin.

“The business world through the eyes of children” – regional competition, was attended by representatives of almost all districts of the region. The best works were selected including the businessmen themselves attracted to the jury. The winner was well-deserved awards.

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